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Company profile

      Shanghai Leiditech Electronic Technology Co., Ltd,the brand LEIDITECH, has awarded Shanghai High and new technology enterprise title. We supply all types of electrostatics protecting component. We have strong R&D teams and advanced manufacturing equipment. Our main products include TVS、ESD、TSS、GDT、Mov、Rectifier Diode、Mosfet and Fuse. We sell the series of our products to customer all over the world.

      We are the mainly business partners of the following famous companies: FUTURE、Semtech in America、LG in Korea、HUAWEI、LENOVO、ZTE in China mainland. The tight cooperate relationship earned us good reputation in the industry.

      LEIDITECH according to the sophisticated needs of the new electronic products, Leiditech focused on all types of telecommunication interface protecting. We supply the protect components to interfaces like LAN/HDMI/USB/232/485/CAN BUS/SIM card and so on. We also provide customize products according to your special needs. We mainly service Communications security, automotive electronics, medical electronics, lighting, industrial products and consumer electronic products market. All types of products are produced compliance with relevant state standards, and tested through the national testing organization.

      They also comply with IEC and FCC standard, we have been certified by UL,VDE,ROHS and so on. Applications focus on high level lightning protection, High-voltage and high-current protection. We can extend the life of core circuit components; strengthen the flexibility and expandability of terminal products because of the circuit protection.

      LEIDITECH has developed a unique business model which contains technical communicate platform and a database of all products matching the needs of terminal customer.

      LEIDITECH believe that our greatest competitive advantage comes from the wide using products and vertically integrated business model. We can ensure to satisfy the product requirement of customers’ mass production in time through keeping up with customers at the beginning of initial project design.

      LEIDITECH's aim is thinking for customers, worrying for customers and honesty. We are trying to become the professional supplier of High-voltage and high-current protection components.

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