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Part Number Nominal operating voltage(Un) Max. continuous operation voltage (Uc) Nominal discharge current In (8/20μs) Max.discharge current Imax(8/20μs) Voltage protection Level Up(In) Installation mode
LDTK-2.4G - 64V 10KA 20KA 600V -
LDTK-5 5V 6V 3KA 10KA 30V 35mmDIN
LDTK-12 12V 18V 3KA 10KA 60V 35mmDIN
LDTK-24 24V 30V 3KA 10KA 120V 35mmDIN
LDTK-48 48V 60V 10KA 20KA 280V 35mmDIN
LDTK-60 60V 75V 10KA 20KA 300V 35mmDIN
LDTK-110 110V 170V 10KA 20KA 500V 35mmDIN
LDTX-E100 5V 15V - 5KA 60V -
LDTX-E100-16 5V 15V - 5KA 60V -
LDTX-E100-24 5V 15V - 5KA 60V -
TY485/5 5V 8V 5KA 10KA 115V Custom
TY485/12 12V 22V 5KA 10KA 130V Custom
TY485/12 12V 42V 5KA 10KA 210V Custom
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