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Part Number Nominal operating voltage(Un) Max. continuous operation voltage (Uc) Nominal discharge current In (8/20μs) Max.discharge current Imax(8/20μs) Voltage protection Level Up(In) Installation mode
LDB80-385 - 385V 40KA 80KA 2.5KV 35mmDIN
LDC40-385 - 385V 20KA 40KA 1.8KV 35mmDIN
LDDY-DC05 5V 8V 3KA 5KA 300V 35mmDIN
LDDY-DC12 12V 18V 3KA 5KA 300V 35mmDIN
LDDY-DC24 24V 30V 3KA 5KA 400V 35mmDIN
LDDY-DC48 48V 60V 5KA 10KA 600V 35mmDIN
SPD480-10 347~480V 510V 5KA 10KA 1.8KV Wall type
SPD277-10 120~277V 320V 5KA 10KA 1.3KV Wall type
SPD480-20 347~480V 510V 10KA 20KA 2.0KV Wall type
SPD277-20 120~277V 320V 10KA 20KA 1.5KV Wall type
TD0505 5V 18V 3KA 5KA 23KV 35mmDIN
TD0510 5V 18V 5KA 10KA 29KV 35mmDIN
TD1205 12V 22V 3KA 5KA 39KV 35mmDIN
TD1210 12V 22V 5KA 10KA 45KV 35mmDIN
TD2405 24V 42V 3KA 5KA 65KV 35mmDIN
TD2410 24V 42V 5KA 10KA 85KV 35mmDIN
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